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What Our Priorities Say About Us

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

I’m of the belief that we determine fate for ourselves daily, and that decision rests largely on what we prioritize.

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For Spencer and I, priorities are the only foundation we know to build a life on. Unclouded pillars we understand not to drift far from or else lose ourselves. Not that we’re all-wise on this subject, not even close. I could use help every hour differentiating between what is essential and what is not. And not that these should be everyone’s priorities. But, I do think our priorities say more of us, in work and life, than anything else.

Each other

Surely you didn’t see that coming.

We are our top priority. Have you heard that satisfaction in life is dependent, more than any other factor, on who we choose to spend it with? If that doesn’t ring true to you at first, think of people you know. It’s likely those who are most fulfilled (genuinely, not just for appearances) predictably have the healthiest relationships. Just as importantly, the most miserable people I know have the lowest quality relationships. Anyway, I spend more time with Spencer than anyone else, and I’ll be danged if that’s going to be us.

Plus, I love him.


Then comes the other relationships, emphasizing blood kin because those are the people who’ve been there for us most. Our parents, grandparents, sister and brother-in-law, nephew, pets, and the children we will one day have affectionately go here. I come from a very small family, and that makes the folks I consider family that much more important. Grandparents have been especially influential to us, and we adore them. I make a point of being mindful and appreciative of the value each person has brought to our lives before it’s too late.


Other people may not categorize solitude and the great outdoors under health, but we certainly do. We’re an odd breed of people-persons who thrive on alone time. I'm inclined toward depression, but the peace and indifference of the woods acts as a preventative.

Following that, we require a certain amount of movement and vegetables to be fully-functioning. One of our goals in the next year is to begin gardening (now accepting advice). We have a lot to accomplish here and deserve to feel good doing it.


Our work! Staying true to and serving our clients is our next greatest priority. In case you don’t already know, we do that by artfully producing narrative and commercial video. We noticed that the most talented creators, artists, and tradesmen seem to be the last to promote themselves. Video preserves the stories we admire to reach and inspire audiences who would never hear of them otherwise. Storytelling is becoming obsolete, and this is our way of keeping that tradition around.

And do we love it. The virtue and work ethic of folks we partner with keeps us eager to go after our next project.

The Small Things

Busy as we are, we’d love to travel more in our first few years of marriage than ever before. Making music for Spencer, reading and writing for me. The small things wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful without the community and friendships we hold dear. Together we hunt in the winter and backcountry camp the whole summer long. While we’re out there, Spencer will be fly fishing and I’ll be yoga’ing, happy as can be.

Why did I bother with all of that?

Well, I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce ourselves. Not to mention, it won't hurt to keep here as a reminder.

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