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What Are We Even Doing Here?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Maybe we’re an account you follow on Instagram and to most, exist only online. What we’re really trying to accomplish has more significance than that.

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Our mission is to creativity and entrepreneurs that embody it. We’re here to tell the stories of talented people through awe-inspiring video that ultimately helps them reach their goals, in business and in life. We’re happiest to spend our work days with folks who’ve dedicated their lives to the betterment of our region, its economy, and natural resources.

Forged Film Company was our answer to businessmen and women in Appalachia who are dedicated to a craft, whether that be farming, metalsmithing, or music. We use our craft, videography, to preserve and promote the good work done by artists and blue-collar workers alike. You see, my husband Spencer, he’s incredibly kind, visionary, and strong willed by nature, but you will never hear that from him. The people who raised us are just as humble and ingenious. Forged is our tribute to them.

Say you’re the owner of a whitewater rafting company whose primary aim is to give customers an outdoor experience they’ll never forget. People expect that much from a rafting guide. What separates you from those other enterprises?

Perhaps yours is a family business that personally understands the value of time spent together outdoors. You take special care in hiring only the most experienced guides that you’re confident will keep customers safe on their trip. Your rafting guides are personable and detail stories and history of the river in hopes to inspire the public to appreciate it in new ways. You keep the money made from your business local and use sustainable supplies when you can.

That’s a business model to be proud of and we applaud you. Word of mouth will undoubtedly send folks your way. But how are you going to market such critical, yet intangible, things as values? To be proactive, you would need to tell the story of your business in a way that matched your brand, targeted your ideal customer, and was easily accessible. That’s where we come in with film to promote your brand ethics on any platform.

If you can’t tell, I have no qualms raving about Spencer. He’s one of those annoying people who seem to be a natural at everything they try. He especially has an eye and enthusiasm for video. When he’s putting something together for a client, I know it’s not only going to tell the story of the business, but also strike a chord with others that inspires them to act. If he can’t find the right music online to go with the film, he’ll write his own. Literally write and record his own instrumental for a two to five minute video. When that's complete, he’ll show me the final product and still stay up late at his desk in our living room perfecting it further. Then he will ask my opinion again, and repeat.

In addition to my valuable opinion, I’m also here to consult with anyone who may have questions or be interested in video, planning for video shoots, assisting, and keeping a shoot fun and low pressure. I’m a people person who’s naturally interested in other’s passions. I love to get them talking and listen to their story. What led them down this path, how has it evolved over time, and what do they hope to see it add to their community?

Hopefully this cleared up any mysteries about what we do at Forged Film Company. Possibly the best way to get a clear picture of this in action is to view our work. Check out this short narrative film we made for The Earnest Tube Recording Studio in Bristol, VA.

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