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Just like no two businesses or brands are the same, the process for creating dynamic media is never the same. However, through years of experience working with a variety of folks, I've developed a process that demands results. Scroll down to explore the Forged production process.

Commercial video production, photography, branding east coast, Virginia


The first step in creating high quality for your brand is to determine what your needs, goals, and aspirations are for your project. During this initial meeting we'll discuss things like your current marketing plan or process, what you're looking to improve upon, and how we can collaborate to take your strategy to the next level.



Once we've determined a plan forward for your brand, we'll begin pre-production. This step can include everything from in person meetings to collaborate on a vision for the project to creating visual mood-boards and everything in between. This is where the project begins to take shape and evolve into a physical production.



Depending on the specific project, production may be one day, or several days of filming and photography. I specialize in cinematography, photography, directing, producing, and any task in between. The goal here is to capture the absolute best visuals that will grab your audiences attention once they are edited together.



Editing is where all of the hard work comes together to transform ideas and concepts into dynamic videos, photos, and strategies that will set your brand apart. This is where the story is pieced together, whether it be a single photo or a series of brand films for social media. 

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